John Derrick knows the law of attraction.  He knows it because he lives it and he teaches it.

He has helped tens of thousands of people learn about the law of attraction on his many websites, podcasts, appearances on radio shows and of course in his books.

People have been paying $349 for his Secret Course (recently price reduced to $299).  This physical product is shipped to you and the contents all reside neatly in a 3 ring binder.  In it you learn the history of the law of attraction (including before it was called “the law of attraction”) and you discover the powerful methods that have been proven to harness the power of the law of attraction.

What I like: I love the fact that the first book in the course clears away all the old baggage that we have put into our subconscious mind.  By page 12 I really did have a list that solved every single problem in my life.  I couldn’t believe it could be that simple.  12 pages of the first book and I knew everything wrong and had a plan to fix…  every… single… problem.

The three Subliminal Videos are powerful tools are reprogramming the subconscious mind without any effort on your part.  I love that.  I feel good when I watch these short videos…  – like I did when I watched the movie The Secret.  The law of attraction works strongest on a subconscious level.

THE BEST – the best thing about this course is the monumental achievement inside Manifesting with Gratitude Cards.  John has found a way to combine the power of positive thinking, visualization, daily affirmations, dream boards (also called vision boards), and the gratitude method – all in one easy to use tool!  That is an incredible achievement!  Its small… it’s portable… you can carry it with you… and it only takes a moment to use each day.   THIS IS THE BEST LAW OF ATTRACTION TOOL EVER CREATED. PERIOD.

EVEN BETTER -  Even at $299, this amazing course is still out of the reach of the average guy or gal.  The people who need this law of attraction course the most will have a hundred reasons why they can’t come up with the money.  So John Derrick created a downloadable version of this law of attraction course.    My Secret Course is only $97 and you get almost everything that comes in the $299 course, only instead of getting it on paper, you download the law of attraction course in ebook form right to your computer.   Another plus side of this is that you get IMMEDIATE ACCESS.

INSANE PRICING! -  Just this week John Derrick took the core book out of his law of attraction course…  the one that teaches you the exclusive method to combine the power of positive thinking, visualization, daily affirmations, dream boards (also called vision boards), and the gratitude method – all in one easy to use tool!  It is called – This is the most advanced law of attraction tool ever created and you can have it for just $29!!! - Now there is no excuse for you to not improve your life RIGHT NOW.

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